God is still in the Miracle Business

As I think about things in my life that were great, I can now see where God was there.  As I look back at all of the bad, even horrible things, I can see God was there too.  I am sure that God hates those things that have happened, but still uses them to mold us to who we are.  My Chaplain was talking about the Clay and the Potter yesterday, and it is so fitting.  Who are we to tell the Potter how to mold us?  God the potter, who has his hands on us all of the time is doing the molding that needs to be done for our better good.  If He were though to take his hands off in the middle of his molding, instead of keeping His hands on, we would collapse and He would have to start over, or just throw us away.

Father God, in your infinite wisdom, please keep your hands on us, as we need to be molded into what you need us to be.  Without your loving hands we would be nothing at all.  Forgive us for trying to do good works to buy favor in your name, as we know they are nothing more than dirty rags.  We Love you and ask that you stay with us, even through our iniquities and suffering, as there is no one who could comfort us or cinvict us the way you do.  Thank you Jesus, for your sacrifice on the cross, and the Love you have given us to interceded for us on the Father’s behalf.  Amen


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