All of my life, I travelled living in a different part of the world.  Sometimes I would even go back to some of the places I lived before to try them again.  Now after being born again in the Spirit of the Lord, I have found that I will not be able to come home, until the Lord brings me there.  I am forever going to be wandering this earth until Jesus brings me home to heaven, that is the whole reason I have never been home anywhere on this planet.  Funniest part is that I have spent as much time at sea as I have on land, and I feel more at home there than anywhere else.

I love my wife and my children, but I also love the sea.  It is the hardest yet strangest duality of life I can imagine.  I look forward to both when I am in either place.  I look forward to being home with my family when I am gone for weeks or months.  As well I look forward to getting back to sea when I am at home.  All in all though, when I am in the presenceof the Lord either at sea or at home with family, then I am really home.  He so loves me, and I Him, he is my daddy, and I his son, and I can tell Him anything.  I remember how excited I was to go and tell my mom about something great that happened, and when she passed I no longer had that outlet.  Now that I have a new father in heaven, I can again run in excitement, fear, anger, love, and any other emotion, to go tell Him about what I just saw, heard, felt, or accomplished.  I awake a new day with Him everyday, and that joy has given me a hope that can only be experienced when you have asked Jesus to be your savior.  Hope that is beyond anything this world can offer.

I am coming home soon.  I love everyone, no matter, no conditions.  Praise the father.Image


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