Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


For some strange reason I have trained in a field for so long, one that I have so loved and loathed simultaneously.  For the better part of 27 years I have been out to sea in some sort or fashion; from teaching Rules of the Road to beginner Mariners, to sailing large ships and towing 900 foot container barges, to everything in between.  I love the sea, the smell of it, the unobstructed sunrises and sunsets every day, the gales, the calms, the wildlife underneath, and the wildlife on board at times.  I have seen things only seen in books, magazines and on television; humpback whales eyeing me from a few feet away and Orca whales splashing my boat with their tail passing by me in False Pass through the Alaskan Island Chain.  Sunsets at 3am on the northern slope that turn into sunrises without ever losing sight of the sun, (I have pictures).  The loathing side, which I temporarily forgot about, is the fact that I have to spend so much time away from family.  Long story short, I have this weird duality I have been faced with for years, ever since I was born-again in the spirit, about “Letting go and letting God” versus “God helps those who help themselves”. These two are baffling at times, I have heard both of these terms for years but they contradict each other immensely.  So when I retired from the Coast Guard a few weeks ago, I was done as far as I was concerned with the marine industry and was ready to go to work for God on His terms.  Herein lies the problem, I do not have the money to not work further, nor do I want to continue in the industry I have been in for the last 27 years, but this labor of love of working for God doesn’t pay enough to pay rent and put my children through college, etc.  Now to throw one more hook into the mix, I have a book on the market called Miracle at the Garage, which has recently gotten to #8 on the best sellers list with the Crossbooks bookstore as well at the same time became the reader’s pick of the month.  All of which is well and good and awesome and I give Him all the glory, but will it be enough to let go of possible jobs and put my faith in Him to make this book work?  So, do I let go of the other possible jobs and put my faith in Him and the book He asked me to write? Or, do I help myself in whatever fashion I can in the marine industry, knowing He gave me the skills to do this very thing, and knowing He will continue to bless me there?

It seems the more I hear from Him and the more I listen to His word and pray, the more I hear the words “Let go”, and less do I hear the words “God helps those who help themselves” which as I write this I am hearing and understanding from Him that the latter are man’s words, not His.  So I throw my arms up in defeat, so to speak, let Him and His Blessings take root, and pray that I and my family will be taken care of through all of this.  Tell me, am I stupid for giving up on the life I have known for 27 years?  Or is the blessing in letting go of those 27 years that were old and before my being born-again, so I ought to let them go? A conundrum to say the least, but will always know that no matter what I choose, He will not let me nor my family, starve to death.  Praise God in everything big and small.


14 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  1. TeachX3 says:

    “Tell me, am I stupid for giving up on the life I have known for 27 years?” … absolutely not, quite the opposite in my opinion. One of the hardest things to do in life is to allow our Lord to take the wheel, especially when we have been strong, responsible and take charge people our entire lives. I do not know how, what or where… but God blesses those who put Him first, even in the dark, even through the valleys, He makes sure we are in His Care. He knows every hair on our head, he knows the desires of our heart… he knows our every need! AMEN. May you and your family always find yourselves in the midst of His Will! 😀

    • elliottverve says:

      Thank you so much. That is the way I am leaning, and as I said, I think the “God helps those who help themselves” is something made up by man to justify what they are doing. Awesome, thanks again, and a new Hope in the Lord is born. Amen sister thanks.

      • TeachX3 says:

        And you know… He leads us one way, one day and may change our direction another day! So, it is not ‘all or nothing’, He will bring before you choices and opportunities as you strive each day to be in His Will. I guess what I’m trying to say is, just because we make a choice given the knowledge we have one day, does not mean that will be final! God is Good… and He loves us more than we can ever imagine! 😀

      • elliottverve says:

        Thank you for the words today. I love Him so much, and I want to be doing His bidding and hanging with my family instead of going to sea again. The book has been doing well and has been named as book of the month, and is #8 on best sellers list as of yesterday, so I am taking that as one of those signs that I can keep writing books for God as He blesses this one. You have been a blessing to me today.

      • TeachX3 says:

        Glory to God! Congratulations on the success of the book… that is an awesome accomplishment and an even more awesome testimony to God! You are welcome my brother in Christ, the Holy Spirit knows what He’s doing! 😀

      • elliottverve says:

        Yes He does. Blessings.

  2. TeachX3 says:

    I have a program that runs random always changing Scripture on my desktop. When I minimized my browser THIS was Gods Word that was displaying: Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it. Col. 4:17 WOW, huh? God is awesome.

    • elliottverve says:

      Awesome, that is exactly what I needed, He works wonderfully between His followers like this. Makes me ashamed that I ever doubted inthe first place you know? That just blows me away, thanks.

  3. me says:

    sometimes we just think too much… I think we need the mind of Christ more, we know he had skills as a carpenter yet he focused on doing the work the father has for him. so we like him have skills that put bread on the table but his work in us and through us is the top priority.

  4. 2hisglory2 says:

    Yes, I also understand the struggle of truly “knowing” the will of God in life. However, I am constantly assured that God will implant His will into me when I have a willing heart. Sounds to me like your heart is more than willing. Like you I have always worked. We have always been a dual income family. At times I would also question. However, the Lord’s still small voice and through scripture would assure me that the well-known phrase “If it is to be, it’s up to me” does not mean that I am less open to His leading… So like your “God helps those who help themselves” there is no condemnation. God gave us working bodies, inspiration and drive. When our goal and heart’s desire is to use those for His Glory, then there is nothing wrong with following a career path – or desire. Since He himself will provide the opportunities to share the Gospel where ever we find ourselves. Be it counseling someone on the high seas, pointing out the wonders of God’s daily beauty or a praise based on a phone call from home. By example we minister daily to those around us. I have found that with God it isn’t necessarily “all or nothing”. Keep your eyes open for callings from the sea. Perhaps there will be short term opportunities that will allow shorter times away from your family while your book sales increase. By the way, congratulations on the success of your book, what is it about?

    • elliottverve says:

      Thank you for the word, and as you said this, i did have a call for an interview to just run boats in the harbor and not have to go to sea, still do not know about the pay yet, but at least it is home everyday. My book is about a men’s ministry here in Virginia, where no less than a dozen different miracles have happened, including my own. I have never published a book, but have written a few before. God asked me to write this, and gave me the words for it, all I did was be obedient and write, He did the rest, so all Glory to God on this book. You can go to and read the introduction and other some other parts, it will tell you better than in just a nutshell that I have given here. Truly a miracle in my life and the men at this garage ministry. Blessings and thank you for the word.

      • 2hisglory2 says:

        The Lord is always with us… in both large and small ways. Sometimes the small answers are most amazing to me. Delighted to hear about your opportunity in the harbor… Sometimes God brings our lives into the relative safety of a harbor.. Only time will tell. Thanks for the link… I actually did already order your book. It sounds fascinating. I love reading and seeing how God works in lives today. He loves each of us so deeply… sometimes it is unfathomable. Blessings ~i~

      • elliottverve says:

        Thank you so much for ordering a copy. I am humbled to say the least. Like I said it is all God’s work that He asked me to write, and I do not take the credit. He is with us in both small and large ways and everything in between. It is unbelievable how He can touch each of our lives simultaneously, and still keep this globe spinning. Thanks to you and others in the family of God, I am relearning my trust in Him and excited about the Hope He has placed in me for a future that is awesome and different. Bless you and thank you,


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