Image…well in trying to let go and let God, when it came to my work situation, we started to get a little desparate.  To the point that I thought I was going to have to go back to sea full time (9 months out of the year).  I did not want that nor did I want to go abd work at something that would not pay the bills.  So this week my wife and I were looking for me, but there was not much.  I had one interview coming up for Thursday, but I did not have alot of faith in that one.  So we started filling out applications for me to go back to work in the Gulf of Mexico where I used to work towing Oil Rigs.  We were filing them out still just as I walked out the door for that interview Thursday.  I got there and was pretty impressed with the operation, and knew it would be fun, but I also knew that it wasn’t going to pay well.  The interview was over 2 hours, complete with a walk around of all the facilities and different boats I would be driving and testing for the company, but still waiting for the hammer to drop on the pay.  Long story short, they offered the job, and tald me about the pay, which is exazctly what we needed to survive.  So I accepted the offer, then found out that they will supply me with an extra 9K in a 401K.  I was so excited and went home told my wife and as we were celebrating the idea came that I needed to call a couple of other companies back that I had potential employment with.  But I wanted to make sure that I had the job, so i called the company back to make sure and I told them I was going to call the other companies to let them know I had a position with them and that I would not need further consideration.

The next day my prayer partner Rob called and left a message that he was praying and God revealed to him that I would be blessed with extra income this year.  Not 5 minutes after that, the company that hired me the day before called and said that they would like to start me at a higher position in the company and it pays close to 30k more a year.  It is more than I have ever made. OMG.  GOD is awesome, we did not even need this extra, but God decided we needed a little extra, which in hindsight will pay for the oldest childs college next year now.  I have been jumping out of my skin literally for the last 2 days.  God is awesome, the King of kings, my Love, full of Grace and compassion, and certainly right on time.  Praise you God and thank you for the blessings in my life that are bigger than anything i could ever imagine.    I love you Daddy.

Waiting on God. Let go and let God


2 thoughts on “Waiting on God. Let go and let God

  1. TeachX3 says:

    What an absolutely fantastic post… ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO OUR LORD GOD, OUR FATHER, OUR SAVIOR, OUR FRIEND!! I am so very happy for your family… WOOOT! Literally, my spirit is rejoicing! Thank You Jesus, for Your faithfulness and love and for always making a way for us! 😀 Congrats brother.

    • elliottverve says:

      He is such a great God. I thank you for your prayers too. He has graced us with more than we expected or wanted, as well He has taken all fear away, and proven once again that we have nothing to worru about as long as we trust in Him to do what is right by us. He is righton time. Praise God.

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