God’s sunrise this morning

ImageAnd a new day has begun,

            Front row seats,

            to the rising of a new sun,

            Pastels strewn across the sky,

            Delightful ending,

            To a mentally exhausting night.

Silhouetted mountain scenes,

            Changing color schemes,

            The dawn rapes us all of discrepancies,

            And burdens us with beauty.

Hats off to the unchallenged artistry,

            Of the morning sky,

            Time standing still,

            Long enough to get my fill,

            Of peace and serenity,

            In a somewhat troubled mind,

            God I see your artistry,

            But will you ever love me?

God loves us so much, that He gives us glimpses of His beaty to remind us how much He loves us.  This reminder gives me a Hope that sustains me beyond anything I can ever put to words.  Thank you Jesus, I love you father.


2 thoughts on “God’s sunrise this morning

  1. elliottverve says:

    I pulled this poem from my book Miracle at the Garage, but felt it was fitting this morning. God is so awesome and I will never be the same becasue of Him, and never will I want to be the man I used to be. When He saved me, He softened my heart, so when i see something beautiful I cry everytime. I am a sap, but a thankful one. Praise you this morning God.

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