Have a J.O.B. (just over broke)? Work from home.

Do you work in a J.O.B. (just over broke) that you would rather stop going to.  Want more time with family and children? Did you know that you can work from home? It’s possible to work from home anywhere, and if you would like to work from home, you should know that there are tons of opportunities for you to work at home and be your own boss. Are you a mother? If so, it could be that you wish to be a work at home mom so that you can raise your children and enjoy them while earning income.

These days, there are more and more work from home moms than ever. This year, in 2013, women are discovering just how easy it can be to set up a home based business and run it online right from home. It’s NEVER easy, is it? Do you desire to make a life change? Do you want to earn an income but have the ability to work from home? If so, then I just may be able to help you learn what you need in order to do so.

How to Get Started to Work from Home

So, you want to learn how you can work from home? It is easy, and the best part is that there is very little capital needed upfront to do so. Most businesses take anywhere from $25,000 and up to start, and the higher the number these days, the more unlikely they are to succeed! Most businesses end up spending so much upfront, that they end up with very little to market their brand and business properly.

This is why so many businesses are now using the internet to cut their advertising budget in half, or even by as much as 70%! Business owners know that they can’t go without marketing, but today you have tools like:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Capture pages
  • Blogs
  • Video Marketing
  • Social media and more!

With so many online options, it’s easier than ever to work from home! See how easy it could be to market your brand and business, and connect with your audience online? Don’t you think it’s amazing how marketing with social media has replaced the need for newspaper and even TV in many cases?

Goodbye to expensive marketing, and say hello to those that know that marketing online is the best way to get ahead and reach out to connect with others and much more. Can you imagine how great it would be to get feedback and interact with your audience on a daily basis all through Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest?

So, what do you use as a bridge to get there?

The Right Platform to Work from Home

Now that you know why online business works, and why it’s so easy to work from home, it’s time for me to share with you that it’s all about  choosing  the right platform to promote yourself too. It’s never easy to impress everyone, so it’s all about targeting the audience you specially wish to win over.

If you have a super optimized platform, or an online system that works to help you get noticed in the search engines, then you will be able to easily grow your business and get more visibility in search engines. This means that if you are a work at home mum, you can easily spend about an hour a day marketing yourself, growing a nice long term income over time.

Are you now seeing more clearly how you can make that all happen? If you are looking for a way to be your own boss, and to set your own hours, or even avoid sending your children to daycare, then click below right now to learn how you can easily work from home!



Centering my love for Jesus

As Sunday morning came this morning, I was contemplating going to church.  I needed to feel His presence, and I think my wife is on to me that I am not filled with His love right now.  So in waiting for the tea pot to get hot, I started to look around on Facebook and a few sites, check my e-mail, and make pop tarts for my daughter.  As the time drew near for me to start getting dressed I noticed the tea pot had not started whistling.  So I went and checked on it, and it turned out that I turned the wrong burner on, or perhaps I put the kettle on the wrong one.  Either way, I was another 15 minutes away from my tea, not good.  So I fixed the problem, went to go put my pants on for church while the water boiled, and my big toe caught a seam in my trousers, and ripped a hole large enough for an encyclopedia to go through.  Again not good.

So I did what any other person might attach hisself to, a good cup of tea, a blanket, curled up on the couch, and went to church on-line.  I know it is not quite the same but I got my time, but it is just not the same.  Hard to get the thundering sound of the music that is so amped up, and the Spirit of the Lord which is roaming free is not so easy to attune to while on the couch.  I realized that I would have been better off if I had just gone out to the woods to see His beauty and tune into the nature of the world He created.  Instead I was on-line, praising Him for every good thing in my life.

In that praising, I realized that all I needed was to reach out to Him, and I can get back to center with Him.  So in my time on the computer I sort of tuned out and tuned in to Him and His love and what he has done for me.  The cat got on my lap, the children started to scurry, the wife was stirring, but with my headphones on and my love for Jesus, I was able to spend time with Him still alone.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.  God loved the world.  He loves us, and the world, and has chosen to be with us if we choose to be with Him.  So in choosing to Love Him, He has rewarded us with the gift of family, careers, hope, salvation, and grace.  I realized that without this Hope there is no reason to live.  The grace He extends is so sufficient, that we are able to bare things in this world that others cannot.  The salvation gives us a glimpse of heaven that awaits us, and I so look forward to that.  His Love gives us a peace that surpasses understanding, and is impossible to explain to those who have not received it.  I so wish I could tell my 18 year old about it, so he will stop complaining about how bad the world is and that there is no such thing as God.  He is book smart, but has no concept of the world.  But God came to me, and I can only hope that He comes to my son too.

Father God, thank you for your love, your grace, your salvation and your peace.  You overwhelm me in ways I cannot explain, I love your touch on my life, and appreciate the gifts you have blessed me with.  Please help me to strengthen my faith, to trust you more, and let go of those things that I clutch on to so tightly.  Thank you for your son Jesus, who has opened my heart and my eyes to see the truth of life, and to not be lost in this world.  Amen

http://www.empowernetwork.com/jaelliott/blog/silent-language-of-hands/Ab sunset

In talking about God in my life, I know that we have to feed our families too and need income to do that, and in trying to incorporate the two it almost feels as if you are speaking on two very opposite , almost contradicting theologies.  On one hand you have a realtionship that you want to build with Jesus, on the other you have to work to feed your family and put a roof over your heads.  I believe there is a way to do both!!  A blog such as this where I can be free to promote the Love of God and create an income for my family is the key to such an event.  On top of that, you will be able to spend more time with family, be able to give more to your church, and actually feel like your contributions are making an impact in the Kingdom, beyond what you are able to do now.

No where else in “traditional business” can you start a business for $25-$500 and create a $3000-$10,000 per month income with in a year (depending on the affiliate offer)

Because lets look at a traditional business like Mcdonalds…

You’d think because they’re on every single street corner that the guys owning them are raking in the cash. But thats not exactly true, especially in the beginning.

It costs a few million dollars to actually start a Mcdonald’s and you’ll spend about 3-5 years paying that back. Plus you are physically at the business for more hours than a traditional job, taking away from what is most important, time with God and your family.

So that means you aren’t really going to be profitable for 3-5 years. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? lol.  I left a job that took me away from my family for months at a time, for a lower paying job just so I could be home, but there is a way to have the time with them and make the money to take care of them too.

With affiliate marketing, you can start being profitable almost immediately. I mean, when I started in my business I have my first $100 and $500 sale in my first week and then my first $1000 sale in my second week which was freakin awesome!

Now I’m not saying that EVERY single person will make that kind of money from affiliate marketing.

Some people make no money. But if you take the extra time out right now, you can.

From my experience, its been the most successful when you get around the right PEOPLE who actually have results who are helping you.

And its not just 1 guy who had success 5 years ago lol. Its when average people, all across the board, are having success.

Thats the kind of company that you want to look at :)   Click on the banner at the top of this page and you can learn more.  If you have already done that and are signed up, then click below to get the right kind of coaching to get on the fast track.  Be all in, and change your life, so you can have the time with God and your family that we all long for, join me, and I will help you every step of the way.

May God bless you and your family,



Contradiction between spending time with family and God vice spending time at your career

Do you trust in God EVERYTHING?


Men’s group this morning.  What great revelations into God’s plans for us.  I talked in another blog about Letting Go and letting God.  It is scriptural, but (big but) it is such an easy phrase to blurt out, when it is not that easy to actually do.  Those of you who are saved will remember that day you were saved by the Spirit, and that there was nothing else in the world that mattered except for that Love of God that was flowing in like a river and wonderfully overwhelming.  Well since then, and me included, we tend to pick up things along the way.  We pick back up our lives where we left them, though we should not have resumed where we left off.  When we are saved in the spirit God strips us of everything good and bad and replaces His love with it all, then gives us back what He wants to bless us with.  So in all essence, everything we have comes from Him.  Well I have had the tendency to pick up some of the things myself and hold on to them as if I had gained that under my own power.  I know that my wife and children were given to me, but still I act sometimes as if I had something to do with all of that.  My house that “I worked hard for”, I know it is a blessing from God and that it had nothing to do with me, yet I still pick that up and hold tight to it at times as if it was really important.  Well I do that with alot of stuff, my career, my kids and their education (college tuition), my wife and her education expenses, my cars, my house, my, my , my, and I forget how to let go of this stuff and give it back to God as none of it is really mine.

Now that I have come back to this, and given it back to him I was talking about the blessings and the phrase “Let go and let God” in men’s group this morning, when the check was given to me by the leader of the group that this phrase can actually frustrate people so we need to be careful.  So I was like, “wait I never said it was easy, and for me it is not easy letting go of this stuff.  It was difficult” I explained. “I had to go to God in prayer every night and ask for His forgiveness for not trusting Him with my life.”  After a couple of weeks trying to do it on my own, as I did not know how to let go, and asking for His forgivenss everynight for not letting Him have it or trusting him with it, I finally was at the end of my rope of trying to make things work (more specifically trying to find a job), and I bent to my knees asked for forgiveness, threw my arms up in defeat, and said “God it is yours, wherever you want me to go, wehrever you need me, if I have to file bankruptcy, if I have to start over, if I have to lose my family, I am yours still and it is all yours. Take me where you want me to go, and I will follow.  I cannot hold on to this world this tight anymore.”  I left it at that.  The next day He blessed me with a new job thsat pays exactly what my family needed for our future.

The day after I was offered the job at the interview, I received a call from my prayer partner whasaid God was getting ready to bless me with more money this year.  I was like awesome I just got a job!  Well 5 minutes after that phone call I got a call from my new employer offering me a better position that paid 1.5 times what I had accepted from them the day before.  God is so awesome. 

So yes letting Go and letting God, though it may be a little cliche(ish), and it takes some work, will work.  You may have to go and tell God that you do not trust Him completely as I did and ask His forgiveness for the lack of trust, as we do hold on to our stuff so tightly that we forget that God gave it to us to begin with.  Some of the stuff that is not good or wonderful you should give to Him anyway as it was not from Him to begin with, yet we still hold on to some of the bad stuff too.  Bottom line, we came into this world with nothing but His Love and maybe the Love of others and will leave with nothing more than His love and maybe the Love of others.  We will not be taking any of this junky stuff with us when we go to heaven or into eternity, so we should loosen our kung fu grip, give it all back to Him and let Him bless us with what He knows we need.

Our preconceived notions of what we think we need, may not be as awesome as what He will give us when we let go of it all.  Let it go, Let God bless you as He sees fit.  Try to trust Him to do this for you, and if you are having a hard time trusting Him in this process, go to Him in prayer asking Him to forgive you.  He loves us so much that He will never let you suffer.  There may be pain, but to wallow in that pain is suffering that you do not need.  There is a huge difference. 

Father God, forgive my untrusting heart, thank you for your unfailing Love.  Thank you for everything you have given me, as all of this is yours anyway.  You have trusted me with these children, with this family, with this house and so many other blessings, help me to trust You with this life, and to let go of this strangle hold I have on things of this world.  In Jesus most mighty and wonderful name, Amen

Taking God with you Monday through Saturday


Yes, there are miracles everyday, all we have to do is look around and see the Miracles that God has placed in our paths.  Each of us are walking Miracles, the trees around us, the shells we find on the beach, the birds flying around us, God is everywhere.  It is so difficult for me to go to work sometimes as I feel as if I am missing out on Gods creations, then I realize He is with me everyday and around me in everyway.  My pastor has a great saying at the end of every Sunday sermon, take God with you during the week.  Do not let yourself me a Sunday worship only fan, be an everyday worship follower.  He is so awesome and if we took Him with us during the week, we will never fail.  Share him with your co-workers, speak with Him all week, thank Him for every little detail of this life, and thank Him for the promise of eternity.  Ask for forgiveness for everything that is not pleasing to Him, and be at peace with the world and with each other.

Too many times we get caught up in the mess of the world.  Be in the world not of it, we are royalty in God’s Kingdom, we need not have to live here nor be sad nor upset about anything.  We may have issues, but are they bigger than God, no!!  Nothing is!  Let Him be your God, your Guide, your Love and your Life, all else will be given to you gladly in your faith.

Father God, thank you for this day, for our waking to another day when all things are new.  Thank you for the grace and Love you have extended to us.  I know that I am not without fault, but I know that you love me despite of these faults.  Father please keep us and our families safe throughout the day, let us be the light to those in darkness, let us be your hands and feet.  Father God, we praise your Holy name and thank you for the Life of Christ, the sacrificial Lamb for our sins, so that we may have a relationship with you.