In talking about God in my life, I know that we have to feed our families too and need income to do that, and in trying to incorporate the two it almost feels as if you are speaking on two very opposite , almost contradicting theologies.  On one hand you have a realtionship that you want to build with Jesus, on the other you have to work to feed your family and put a roof over your heads.  I believe there is a way to do both!!  A blog such as this where I can be free to promote the Love of God and create an income for my family is the key to such an event.  On top of that, you will be able to spend more time with family, be able to give more to your church, and actually feel like your contributions are making an impact in the Kingdom, beyond what you are able to do now.

No where else in “traditional business” can you start a business for $25-$500 and create a $3000-$10,000 per month income with in a year (depending on the affiliate offer)

Because lets look at a traditional business like Mcdonalds…

You’d think because they’re on every single street corner that the guys owning them are raking in the cash. But thats not exactly true, especially in the beginning.

It costs a few million dollars to actually start a Mcdonald’s and you’ll spend about 3-5 years paying that back. Plus you are physically at the business for more hours than a traditional job, taking away from what is most important, time with God and your family.

So that means you aren’t really going to be profitable for 3-5 years. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? lol.  I left a job that took me away from my family for months at a time, for a lower paying job just so I could be home, but there is a way to have the time with them and make the money to take care of them too.

With affiliate marketing, you can start being profitable almost immediately. I mean, when I started in my business I have my first $100 and $500 sale in my first week and then my first $1000 sale in my second week which was freakin awesome!

Now I’m not saying that EVERY single person will make that kind of money from affiliate marketing.

Some people make no money. But if you take the extra time out right now, you can.

From my experience, its been the most successful when you get around the right PEOPLE who actually have results who are helping you.

And its not just 1 guy who had success 5 years ago lol. Its when average people, all across the board, are having success.

Thats the kind of company that you want to look at :)   Click on the banner at the top of this page and you can learn more.  If you have already done that and are signed up, then click below to get the right kind of coaching to get on the fast track.  Be all in, and change your life, so you can have the time with God and your family that we all long for, join me, and I will help you every step of the way.

May God bless you and your family,


Contradiction between spending time with family and God vice spending time at your career


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