Ches Bay

Ches Bay

In the world today, we have gone astray to be on this quest for more
power, pleasure, and wealth. In this, I realized that I am as guilty as
the next and decided through the power of Jesus, that I will lay that
burden down, and pick up the pieces He has given me, and make the most
of those. To stop pushing to that financial end that I so try to
manipulate. Instead to be content, nay, happy in the cards that God has
dealt as they are for me. Those things which I create, I have decided
to let go of them and let God have them to do what He wants with them.
In that quest for what “I” wanted, I forgot to ask God what He
wanted of my life. So in thinking about that, I feel as if this
blessing of a new job and life has been shadowed by my lust for more
wealth and power. I want to live simply in His truth not in mine. So
in that, I will stop the half truths, and manipulation and the trying of
selling God’s love.
Have a committed daily prayer life. Get involved in a small
group where you can open up and share in God’s word. Go to church or
some worship service regularly. In your prayer life ask God to identify
those who need your help. He will be happy to help you spread His joy.

And Thank Him for everything you have, as we will all be dust someday.  It will be too late then to thank Him.



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