Happy New Year

ImageHappy New Year!! This statement has different meanings every year that I am alive.  As I reflect on the past year, I see blessings so huge that I realize more and more that God is not only in charge but is the reason for our moods as well.  When He blesses us we are happy, when we get lost in our own way and not rely on Him we struggle, when we do not see Him in our lives we get sad or mad.  When we feel His presence surrounding us we shine, smile, and so full of life and light.  Others will see this in us and ask us why, giving us the opportunity to tell others about His love and glory, giving way to “by the blood of the Lamband by the word of their testimony;” Rev. 12-11.  

So in this new year, I sit reflecting on the blessings and in wonder and hope that this New Year can only be better than the last.  Retirement from the Coast Guard, and now serving as a captain on the ocean, my first book published, though now I find myself not having time to write anymore, although my love is to sit and write about my Love of Christ.  So I am blessed with a new job that pays more than I have ever made,  but takes up all of my time so I realize that all I really want is to do is spend time with Him and my family.  With the pain that grows in my body from years of abuse at sea, it only serves as a reminder that I am done with this kind of life and need to go to a more simple life and write and spend time with Jesus and my family.  I was so full of Hope this time last year, that my book was coming out and my Coast Guard career was going to be over and I would be on to a new life with Christ, and I had a couple of months off where I went out west to go skiing and reflect on the past 20 plus years.  Now, though, I do not have that awesome filling of Hope as I did last year.  I have a Hope that I will be free of pain some day, and that I do not have to work like a slave anymore, and that I get more time with family and with God.  Sort of a sad Hope comparatively than last years, more of a desperate Hope, a gathering of the things that pain me that I want to flee from and flee to simultaneously. 

So….Happy New Year!  May God bless you, and give you what you are in desperate need of, keep the faith and know that He is a good God.  When you are in the storm of life look to Him and praise His Holy name, and when you are at peace, full of life light and love, look to Him and bless His Holy name.