Determined to slide sideways on an ocean of clouds at dusks fainting hues, I subdued the animal instincts to choke the one making all the noise, Poised to attack still, gave the evil eye, he stopped, and painfully hung his head, Fled to the west on an endless flight from nowhere Dave, Can you see me? Bleeding the man in the white mansion, I felt a pain below, Catch me if you can, understand I’ll never come back to this Dave. You see God took my hand and made me free, Believing I can fly and feel and heal but when I did this I made them all uncomfortable. Issues of a challenged mind stark naked in the drivers seat, I sought refuge in the oceans womb for what seems an eternity. Still on this planet, wandering aimlessly with regards for my brain, It did 3 things right out of all the years of abuse, still I scold it just for spite, Delighted to stay out west, Might I return to a mundane existence of shopping carts and shovels, where love still blossoms? Ooohhh impossible decisions mate, Skating on the edge of disaster, plastering my thoughts against the window for all to see, I jerked a tear and death smiled.