I have stories of forgiveness in the book Miracle at the Garage, so with that big forgiveness, I felt that I had a blanket forgiveness to everyone and everything after that.  I found though through asking God to search me for any sin or any anger or anything that was getting in the way of our relationship.  In that search God revealed quite a few things; Selfishness, Pride, Impatience to name a few.  So I asked God for forgiveness, and he laid it on my heart to meditate and pray about my impatience.  Upon searching my should, God revealed to me, through my impatience where I had gotten mad at a man for the way he was driving and cutting people off.  He finally cut me off, and I was furious, and then later when I had inadvertently done the same to him, this man became furious with me, so much that he threatened me.  Well I will never forget how even angrier it made me, that he would have the gall to be mean after the things he had done to me and others.  This was a few years ago.  During prayer today, God brought that incident up to the front of my mind, and I realized that I still had anger towards him, and so I continued to search where else I had not released the anger, and found a few.  But now what, I asked God, how do I release that anger, so that these people and situations no longer had power over me?!?  Then graciously God let me dream about giving each of these entities a loving forgiving hug, and in projecting that hug and that love for my “neighbors”, I found forgiveness, and peace.  Thank you God, for giving me Your peace, Grace, and Love.

“Surely Goodness, and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the  House of the Lord forever.”