True Freedom

True freedom lies in our faith that God is our maker, Christ our savior, and the Holy Spirit our guide.  I said true freedom!  Do you understand the term, concept, and way of life “Freedom”?  Hippies always thought they had the answer, freedom through drugs.  Drugs are not the answer, it is the pathway to addiction.  Drugs are more binding than any substance on earth, except for maybe pornography, so why would we want to put ourselves in that cage?  Still we do it, I did it, and for years.  I can only tell you that it was an escape from my life, the only one that seemed plausible.  I did not know that Christ could free me, and save me from this.  I thought the people in the church were just crazy, blind and followed like zombies, an entity that was created by man. Boy was I wrong.  Proven wrong by God himself.


Most of us have never experienced true freedom, and it pains me to see even my brothers and sisters in the church in bondage, not to mention the rest of the world.  That true freedom from addictions, money, pain, alcohol, drugs, idols and pornography;  A freedom from what others think, say or feel about us; A freedom from ourselves, freedom from our families, freedom from worry, anguish, sadness, abuse, and slavery.  Freedom from everything and anything.  The last two, that may be shocking, is freedom from man’s law, and freedom from God’s law!!  That’s right, there is such a thing as freedom from God’s Law, and it is a good thing.  Image,

I am a Christian, so do not get me wrong when I say “Freedom from God’s law”, and I am happy now that I have been saved, and in His saving grace does our beautiful freedom lie, not in following the laws.  As sinners we cannot follow the law, only His grace can free us, not His law.