Start the Revolution without me

Never ending seascapes,

                The lure for a young man’s dreams

                Start the Revolution without me.

                Contented to sit and stare at the horizon,

                The rising of the sun,

                Gives way to a new day,

                The best way to start all over.

It is never too late to say you are sorry,

                Borrowed time can end tonight,

                We are not promised another day,

                Play your hand and give it all to God tonight.

                The might of regret can consume us for years,

                Tears can heal, but can also drown.

I have forgiven my debtors,

                And pray that I am released from those whom I owe,

                I have towed the line for many years,

                And the fears I had when I gave them to God,

                Consumed me for an evening or two,

                But God gave me grace and left me in peace,

                So I sit and stare at the horizon

                The rising of a new day,

                And watch the wasted energy of those who scurry about

                So start the revolution without me.

                Peace and grace surround me.



God’s promise


Visions of rainbows,

     God’s promise in sight,

     Light of the world,

     hurled into the dark,

     No marks on my hands,

     Though I love Jesus,

     I am but a messenger.

Heaven only a heartbeat away,

     I lean on the father’s love,

     My help from above,

     When attackes come forth,

     “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”

     I offer the world my kindness in Christ.

For I know no love without Christ,

     The old man is dead, and Love alive,

     To abide by Love – my only crime,

     Hang me at the Gallows above,

     To die a Martyr for Love.

We look to creations to praise,

     Forgetting the creator our King,

     Worshipping nature is worshipping a lust,

     Must we continually discount who God is?

Enjoy the splendors of His creations,

     but praise the one who created it,

     Give thanks,

     Bank on His Love,

     And above all else, Praise his Holy Name. 

Jesus is the way……………………………